US Citizens with UK, Irish and European interests

We help American citizens and other non-UK nationals with their UK, Irish and European tax

We help American and other non-UK nationals with their UK, Irish and European tax affairs. We think we do this well because we:

  • understand the tax complications of having lives that span different countries
  • deal with international tax matters on a daily basis
  • know how the double taxation treaties work
  • have a good knowledge of other countries’ tax laws

Residency and domicile

We help our clients to structure their tax affairs, or living arrangements, in a way that minimizes their tax.

Double taxation

We understand double taxation treaties and can help structure your tax affairs so that your tax is minimized and is only paid in one jurisdiction.

Tax over-payments

We often find that non-UK nationals living in the UK have overpaid their UK tax, which we can help to recover.

Purchasing UK properties

We advise our clients on how to minimize stamp duty and other tax associated with purchasing UK properties.

UK rental income

We help our clients deal with UK rental income correctly.

Our approach to risk

We do not like risk and we do not get involved in tax avoidance schemes or other grey areas. This is an advantage for our clients, because it means that HMRC respect us as Chartered Tax Advisers, which reduces the risk that our clients are investigated.